• “The staff’s pride in what they accomplished was evident in every encounter I had.”

    unsolicited comment from CMS surveyor

First and always, do no harm

In response to a survey conducted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in September 2019, Harris Health initiated a systemwide improvement effort focused specifically on patient safety and doing zero patient harm. Working in collaboration with CMS and industry experts, our staff diligently contributed to the endeavor, putting in extra hours and achieving impressive results. In four short months, Harris Health established new measures to improve safety that are now part of our long-term strategy for high-quality patient care.

Pre-procedure checklist Like an airline’s pre-flight checklist, this process verifies patient and procedural information to eliminate potential errors.

Wound care procedures Posting Braden Scale scores on our units’ shared whiteboards keeps all care team members aware of a patient’s risk for pressure injuries.

Building automation system A remote system monitors the temperature and humidity levels of our hospitals, allowing us to quickly identify and correct the issue when either goes out of range.

  • “This is the most significant improvement in a short period of time that I’ve ever seen.”

    unsolicited comment from CMS surveyor