• “It feels so gratifying to see patients get better and know that a team from all areas of our hospital came together to help them.”

    Emily Heller, nurse practitioner

Sharing ingenious COVID-19 treatments

Placing patients prone on their stomachs is a new technique that can help ventilator patients breathe more easily. When the nursing leadership team at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital heard about proning, they created a special team to turn the patients, a 45-minute process, without disrupting other bedside care, and then shared their technique with colleagues at Ben Taub Hospital.

Virtual care becomes the new norm

Our outpatient and information technology teams joined forces at the start of the pandemic to give non-COVID-19 patients a safe, easy way to see a doctor from home. They launched our new secure and fully functional Virtual Care telemedicine system in less than a week, to the satisfaction of patients and providers alike.

Virtual Care visits since launch
  • “Home delivery eliminates wait times, reduces the number of calls, minimizes transportation expenses and most importantly, decreases everyone’s exposure to infection.”

    Michael Nnadi, Senior Vice President/Chief Pharmacy Officer, Harris Health System

Community response goes global

The world became our community during this past year in response to the extraordinary needs of our teams and patients. Gifts of all kinds poured in, from the handmade baby blankets, stuffed animals and personal care items our donors are famous for to the more recent landslide of iPads, personal protective gear, medical supplies and support from friends and neighbors around the world.

iPads for isolated patients
PPE items
medical equipment and supplies
care and comfort items
meals for staff
total value of in-kind donations

100,000+ prescriptions delivered

When Harris Health began our prescription home delivery service, it averaged 2,000 deliveries a month. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 prompted the pharmacy team to expand the service. Within weeks, working weekends and overtime, this determined team was making more than 100,000 home medication deliveries a month, with a return rate of less than 1%.

Follow-up calls to improve care and safety

When a patient at one of our health centers shows worrisome signs of COVID-19, Harris Health nurse navigators reach out to them at home to check in and provide virtual care and quarantine instructions for 14 days. Depending on a patient’s risk factor, the nurses call from three times a week to twice a day and facilitate next steps as necessary, from scheduling telehealth doctor visits to recommending a trip to the hospital.

nurse navigators
follow-up calls

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