AMAZING Partnerships


Instant community spirit

While COVID-19 cases strained our system’s capacity first, the rest of the Texas Medical Center soon saw increased loads that threatened their ability to accept transfers. TMC leadership quickly convened to determine how all our systems could best share information, help manage capacity and minimize time spent searching for facilities for our patients. What began with daily group huddles with all our TMC partners has eased to twice weekly meetings as we resume more normal operations. We are grateful to TMC organizations for facilitating transfers from our ERs to their inpatient units during the crisis. It has been a great exercise in collaboration that has laid a valuable foundation for the future.

45,000 calls and counting

Harris Health’s Ask My Nurse hotline is always available to patients seeking healthcare guidance. When the coronavirus outbreak hit, this dedicated team partnered with the Harris County Public Health Department to provide 24/7 call support to anyone in our community worried about contracting the virus, driving call volumes up by well over 200% some months.

A core team of 17 nurses expanded to 70+ at the height of the pandemic to offer qualified assessments to those experiencing COVID-like symptoms.

By The Numbers

patient transfers March 1 – August 31, 2020

Harris Health COVID case load

  • Total
March 2019: 3,945
March 2020: 9,365

number of Ask My Nurse calls

Medical school partnerships

Harris Health System proudly continues our relationships with the faculty, staff and students of the highly respected McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and Baylor College of Medicine. These longstanding partnerships are vital to the health of our community, making it possible for us to provide the latest technology and advanced medical treatments as we help train tomorrow’s rising stars.

  • “Our new agreements strengthen our relationship and position our organizations to better meet the future healthcare needs of our community.”

    Mike Hill, Senior Vice President, Harris Health System


faculty members
residents and fellows